Vince "V" Coles
Vince has always had a passion for sports, playing all the way from little league through college. As a "kid", Vince would often call in to local sports talk shows to speak about his beloved Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. As part of a high school project, Vince ran a high school sports talk show.  

In 1993 Vince was given a huge break when Duane Walker, whom Vince considers a mentor in the field, turned over his afternoon sports talk show to him as he pursued opportunities on a national level. Vince found himself, with a dream come true opportunity. For two years, he co-hosted an afternoon drive time show in the Buffalo market. The opportunity was especially great, as Vince was a media representative covering both the Bills and Sabres. This opportunity gave him the chance to cover the Buffalo Bills for SuperBowl XXVII and XXVIII, the Buffalo Sabres, the Toronto Blue Jays World Series in 1992 and 1993 and other collegiate and professional teams in the area.
Steve Decola
Steve is a sports enthusiast that has a passion for talking sports. Originally from Long
Island, NY and also has lived in Tampa and now Kansas City. Live in multiple cities you
have an opportunity to listen and learn about different sports franchises and listen to
different passionate fan bases. I do root for my home town teams the New York
Yankees, New York Jets, New York Islanders and not so home town team the Boston
Celtics. I know I know “where do the Boston Celtics come into play here” but I guess
you will have to tune in to hear the whole story… Don’t let my home roots fool you when
talking sports I can be critical of all teams including my own.